Why IRA?

Why Ira ?

Ira Safaris Bringing Wildlife into Live

Ira means earth like our brand name, we have special love & affection towards our mother earth & nature.
We’re deeply committed to the renaissance of India, her wildlife and her people. Our journey of exploring the wild virgin Indian forests began two years ago but have experienced the most scenic wildlife and breath-taking views. Also, we have personally visited all the forests we recommend. In fact, these are our own safaris. If it's an experience we love, it's an experience we definitely know you would love too.
Through constant travel and nature exploration, we are able to bring our extensive knowledge and expertise into each new jungle safari & adventure tour we plan.
Another thing that makes us the best wildlife & adventure tour provider is our emphasis on the client experience & satisfaction. You book and plan your trip directly with us and communicate directly with us, it's that easy!

Why we are the Best Wildlife & Adventure Tour Provider?


Personalised Tours

we have quickly established Ourselves as one of the fastest growing Safari and adventure tour providers

Team of Experts

We have unparalleled access to the region's amazing expert guides, all the forest's exclusive properties

Finest Accommodation

We offer the widest choice of accommodation (including resorts, hotels, houseboats, home stays) in India.

End-to-End Transfer

We offer pickup and drop service from door to destination as per your requirement.