Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is the ideal weekend getaway for Tigers & Wildlife lovers. This boulevard of natural beauty and undisturbed wildlife is tucked away in the hills of Pandharkawada town in Yavatmal district of Maharashtra.

Picture credit: Akshay Shirpurkar


The sanctuary covers an area of approximately 148.63sq.kms and abounds in vegetal cover. There are various villages situated around the sanctuary and thus people depend on the forest for firewood, timber etc. The place is quite hilly and undulated and thus has different types of vegetation cover that varies with the altitude. Fauna- The place shelters a wide array of animals that include Hyena, Chital, Black buck, Sambar, Jackal, Wild boar, Peacock, Monkey, Blue bull, Wild cat, Bear and many more.

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit the forest of Tipeshwar is from October to February because there is abundant rain from June to September. Although the temperature in this sanctuary is quite pleasing all through the year.

Entry Gates:

Tipeswhar Sanctuary has two Gates namely Sunna and Mathani . Sunna is closer to the highway so it is the recommended gate to enter the park. Sunna gate is around 15km from Pandarkawda the closest town.