Tadoba National Park

Tadoba National Park

You are passing through the lush landscape which is reverberating with an echo and it seems as if time has come to a halt. You can see nothing here- but sense all around you. This was an echo of someone whose land you now stand upon, whose domain you will traverse through on your journey. This is Tadoba, home of the king of the jungles. Experience the best that this home of the tiger has to offer you, with IRA Safari


Tadoba National Park is located in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. The park borders Kolsa and Mohurli ranges, which are densely covered with diverse forests. Deep valleys, rivers, meadows provide suitable habitat to many life forms within this 116-square kilometer area – 508-square kilometers remain outside the sanctuary boundaries as a buffer zone for wildlife preservation. Tadoba has India’s largest tiger reserve at 625 square kilometers–the Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary covers 250 square kilometers inside these boundaries. With over 400 species of birds that has been documented here so far including endangered species like Jerdon’s babbler and great pied hornbill among others. The lifeline of Tadoba are its waterways: Erai Dam Lake on one hand; Junoria lake or “Lake with twin waters” on another; Tadoba Lake situated 9 km north east from where Erai dam overflows into it during monsoon season giving birth to small rivulets all around forest areas. This magical landscape is hard not to fall in love with!

Entry Gates:

The Tadoba Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra has twenty two gates that grant entry to the wild world. The park is home to a variety of animals like tigers, leopards, sloth bears and hyena. Tourists aren’t restricted inside the reserve unlike their counterparts at other reserves which means you can go on a jeep safari all over the park. The names of these gates are listed below: Moharli, Kuswanda, Kolara, NaveGaon, Pangdi, Zari gate

Best time to visit:

March to May is the best time to see tiger, as summer temperatures are extremely high in this months. The monsoon starts in June and goes on until September when vegetation and insect life come alive again with its arrival. The post-monsoon begins in October, which can also be a good time to visit Tadoba Wildlife Sanctuary for the refreshing feeling of lush green jungle sprawled with flowers surrounded by dew all around. Winter season starts from December until February where even though temperature remains quite warm due to tropical climate you may want an extra layer or two just because there will still be some cold nights!

Packages for Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

Budget Packages

  • Accommodation: Homestay
  • Tour Duration:2 Nights & 3 Days
  • No of safaris: 03
  • For 4 Persons (Cost):9750/- (Per person)
  • For 6 Persons(Cost):8250/- (Per person)

Semi Luxury Packages

  • Accommodation: 3 star Resort
  • Tour Duration: 2 Nights & 3 Days
  • No of safaris: 03
  • For 4 Persons(cost) :12,999/- (Per person)
  • For 6 Persons(cost):11,250/- (Per person)

Premium Packages

  • Accommodation: 4 or 5 star Resort
  • Tour Duration: 2 Nights & 3 Days
  • No of safaris: 03
  • For 4 Persons(Cost):16,499/- (Per person)
  • For 6 Persons(Cost):14,750/- (Per person)