Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park is a paradise for those who want to observe wildlife from very close distances. One can enjoy the sights of colourful animals and birds, while also capturing some amazing pictures among the vast greenery. Among all other tiger reserves in India, Kanha’s name is taken with high regards. The sightings of tigers at this park are supposed to be highest which makes it one of India’s greatest parks.This project has made it a model example in ecological conservation, and its diversity makes it one of the most beautiful parks in Madhya Pradesh.


Central India’s largest national park is nestled in Maikal range amidst the sylvan settings is located the largest park of Central India, Kanha National Park. Kanha Tiger Reserve is spread over a sprawling area of 2059.7 sq km it comprises of 940 sq km core, 1009 sq km buffer zone and 110.79 sq km of Kanha offering a distinctive natural habitat that abounds in wildlife and tiger population.
Falling in the districts of Mandla and Balaghat, the park encompasses Banjaar and Hallon valleys.

Entry Gates:

Currently there are three entry gates to access the national park as Khatia gate, Mukki gate and Sarahi gate.

Best time to visit:

If tiger sighting is your aim then Kanha National Park should top your wildlife tour list because it is the only National Park where tiger sighting is possible all year round. The winter season is the best time to visit this place and witness the gorgeous views along with a scenic weather.
The summer season is also good for tiger sighting as the beast walks out of the dense forest in search of water bodies. Although, the summer season doesn’t make the conditions appropriate ideal to be called as the best time to visit Kanha National Park but wildlife lovers will certainly find a treat of their life.
The park remains close for sightings during the monsoon season because of the muddy roads and inaccessible zones. This time is not suggested to travel in Madhya Pradesh because of the heavy rains and unpredictable weather.

Packages for Kanha Tiger Reserve

Budget Packages

  • Accommodation: 2 star resort
  • Tour Duration: 2 Nights & 3 Days
  • No of safaris: 03
  • For 4 Persons (Cost):12,999/- (Per person)
  • For 6 Persons(Cost):10,499/- (Per person)

Semi Luxury Packages

  • Accommodation: 3 star Resort
  • Tour Duration: 2 Nights & 3 Days
  • No of safaris: 03
  • For 4 Persons(cost) :14,999/- (Per person)
  • For 6 Persons(cost):12,750/- (Per person)

Premium Packages

  • Accommodation: 4 or 5 star Resort
  • Tour Duration: 2 Nights & 3 Days
  • No of safaris: 03
  • For 4 Persons(Cost):19,250/- (Per person)
  • For 6 Persons(Cost): 16,750/- (Per person)